Madea Faith Ministries, Inc.

A non-profit organization

Madea Faith Ministries, Inc. is guided by the teachings of Christ to encourage the lost and lead Christians to a more intimate relationship with Christ. Through testimony and song, the ministry seeks to display the awesome power of Christ by helping people escape their bondage and experience true freedom.
"Surrender to the Holy Spirit within and discover joy that surpasses all human understanding!"
- Madea Faith Erickson

Reaching Hands Program

The Reaching Hands program was developed to address a very pressing need seen in churches across the world. As a recovering addict, Madea felt a presence in many churches that seemed to project an attitude of non-willingness to help the addict or not be accepting toward recovering addicts. After some years Madea came to the conclusion that many churches want to help but they just don’t know how, which is giving a false impression of legalism and closed doors. When realizing this, Madea wanted to help churches open their doors and work with Jesus to help the addicted community. Along with seeing a need, Madea also noticed the increase of addiction within the church, among Christians and within our society. She knows true recovery does not occur without Jesus and wants the addict to feel like the church would be the first place they could find healing. “Reaching Hands” is a Program to help Churches and Christian organizations reach out to the addicted community. It educates, teaches and helps churches implement a strategic plan to reach out and help the addict.

*This program works best as a workshop including the following sessions but can be modified to fit your church needs and budget. The workshop can be one day or broken into a series of two days that includes a full concert by Madea.
Madea's Latest CD Release
You will feel the pain Madea suffered, as well as experience the joy she shares now, in her vocal collection and original arrangements of inspirational music that offers hope to all...

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Testimony of Madea Erickson
"The Other Woman"
Madea gives her personal testimony of her years of prescription drug addiction and other substances. (Madea gives a powerful and emotional stirring testimony through speaking and singing about the freedom she has and is experiencing through Christ). –(45 Minutes)

Education about prescription drug addiction
Madea educates the congregation and leaders about the emotional attitude of the prescription drug addict and how drugs affect every aspect of their lives. Through Madea’s experience and her careful research the church will come to understand the prescription drug addict and where they are in their journey for healing. – (30 minute)

Plan for reaching out to the addicted community

Madea Teaches Biblical steps to help congregations reach out to the addicted church members and the outside community with love and direction.  In order to help the addicted community we must start with ourselves and ask God to change our hearts for suffering people. –(30 minutes)

Strategy for helping the addicted community-Recommended for church leaders

Madea teaches must have steps for helping an addict that comes to your congregation.  You must have a plan in place at your church or organization because of the time limit you may have with an addict.  This plan is fast acting, powerful and involves the entire community of resources for addicts, as well as the most important aspect of true healing, Jesus. -(30 minutes)




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Calling to the addicted community-Recommended for church leaders
Madea teaches marketing ideas that will help the church let the community know they are like Jesus and want to open their doors to the addicted person.  With a firm plan in place and education, a church will feel confident and be excited to help all who enter God’s house. -(30 minutes).

Madea in Concert
With passionate and emotional song, Madea encourages others to surrender to Jesus and start living freely.  Madea will embrace, as well as move the congregation with her number one single, “I Will Carry You,” along with familiar favorite songs of praise.  (45 minutes)

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I would recommend Media to anyone or any group who wants to hear a message of hope, deliverance and joy. God has completely turned her life around and she has a glow that could only come from the Savior. Her testimony is as beautiful as her angelic voice. Thank you for being obedient to His calling! 
- Boyd Smith, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Murray, Kentucky

Madea Faith Erickson presented a program consisting if personal testimony and beautiful Christian music. The presentation was inspirational, uplifting and spiritual. The message was especially encouraging for our youth. God has given Madea a testimony to share with people of all ages. He changed her life and gave it purpose. Madea is extremely talented and committed to using her talents for the glory of God.
-Pastor Howard Welch, Independence United Methodist Church, Almo, Kentucky

I would like to recommend Madea Erickson to you for an exciting, fresh and relevant witness of the radical transforming power of Jesus and His wonderful love.  Our lives, our families, our churches and our society are all reeling from the devasting affects of outside sources and forces. Madea is a great talent and an inspiring example of God's grace at work, in and through His people.  Please prayerfully consider having her as a guest.  I guarantee a blessing will be had by all.
- Rev. Jack Fitts, Brewton Baptist Church, Brewton, AL

First United Methodist
Murray, KY

Independence United Methodist Church
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Living Waters Church
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Baptist Campus Ministry
Murray State University
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First Baptist Church
Brewton, AL

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