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Madea Faith seeks to lead others out of their bondage of addiction to complete freedom. Through emotionally charged personal testimony, passionate song, education of prescription drug abuse/addiction and alternative treatments, Madea encourages others and gives the recovering addict hope of a life filled with joy. Our passion is to help others struggling reach a complete and fulfilled life that far surpasses anything they have experienced with their drugs.

“It is not just about recovery….it is about freedom!” Madea Faith Erickson

The Purpose Program

“Purpose” is a prescription drug prevention program aimed at students from kindergarten through grade twelve.  It is designed to reach students and teach that each and every student has a value and purpose in this world and any kind of drug use interferes with this purpose.  Students are unaware of the dangers and risks they are taking when they choose to participate in abusing prescription drugs (they look at it differently than taking other drugs). 

I have found that as a person realizes they have a purpose in their life they are less likely to abuse prescription drugs or any other mind altering substance.  These students do not understand this and many of them have friends, relatives and yes, even parents that have convinced them that their lives do not serve a valuable purpose.  As a speaker and former prescription drug addict, I talk about the value and purpose of each individual and how abusing prescription drugs will greatly impact that value until, eventually; the drugs take away any sense of purpose and turn this valuable person into an addict.  I also educate adults and students about prescription drug abuse in helping them recognize signs and danger areas. 

I truly believe that as a person recognizes they have a purpose they will not want to interfere with this purpose.  It is making them believe this in their hearts that is the challenge and I am passionate about showing them their important value.  My job is to lead them to seek and understand that they are valuable and have a purpose for good.  They do not need to know what that purpose is in order for them to realize it is there.  I was a cheerleader, band member, choir member, class officer and good student but yet I got hooked on prescription drugs because I was not prepared for the hidden dangers.

Through sessions with personal testimony, staggering statistics, scientific facts, and passionate teachings, I attempt to break stereotypes of addicts and encourage students to recognize their value and purpose.  (I, in no way, glamorize my life as a prescription drug addict).  I encourage them not to make any decision that would interfere with this, specifically experimenting in prescription drug abuse.  My goal is to greatly impact their thoughts about even trying that first drug.  The answer is in their value and we, as concerned leaders in this anti-prescription drug abuse movement need to make every effort possible to get them to realize they have a tremendous purpose in life!

Presentation: Student presentations:
Specific sessions for each grade level: Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th though 6th, Middle School (7th through 8th) and High School.  All sessions are grade appropriate.  It is imperative that we start as soon as these students enter school in order to create a generation that understands they have value and purpose!   

Presentation: Parent presentations:
Specific session for parents of students to help them understand the importance of their child knowing he/she is valuable in combating prescription drug abuse.  I use my testimony, scientific studies and facts to educate parents to the interference that occurs if a child abuses prescription drugs.  This session is also designed to help parents understand their own value and responsibilities as parents and as individuals in combating this epidemic.  

Presentation: Teacher/staff presentations:
Madea educates teachers of the danger signals and lets them into a mind of a student that may be abusing prescription drugs.  Through my personal testimony of not realizing my value and purpose, I talk about how this leads to making bad choices about prescription drug abuse.   Also, emphasized, is the importance of repetitive exposure of these teachings.  Through scientific facts and passionate education of peer pressure, I lead teachers to share the passion and feel the desperate need for us to continually teach students of their value.  No student should be in a school and feel as though he/she has no value or purpose.  With teachers, staff and parents working together every student will feel they have a value and a purpose in this world and will hopefully stop and think before they try that first pill.

Examples of Programs:

Be careful when you say, “Take a Pill!” (Adult session)
This session deals with the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction within our communities and our schools.  As adults, we play an important role in combating this issue.  Prescription drug abuse and addiction is like no other.  People who never thought of trying drugs are getting addicted to prescription drugs, therefore, becoming parents that are addicted and hurting, leaving a trail of destruction among our students.  Madea uses scientific research, staggering statistics and passionate personal testimony to educate and encourage adults to become a part of the answer to this growing problem. 

It’s Not Candy! (Middle School)
This session deals with the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction among middle school students.   Middle school is a time when peer pressure begins to take a stronger hold among students.  In a society that teaches taking pills for many things, our students get confused about the hidden dangers of prescription drugs.  Through age appropriate personal testimony, interaction and role-play, Madea teaches about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. 

From Cheerleader to Pill Popper! (High School)
This session deals with the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction among high school students.   High school is a growing atmosphere for prescription drug abuse and addiction.  It is during these years that students start to evaluate their worth and what they can contribute to society.  Unfortunately, too many students are unaware about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.   Madea uses her hard cutting personal testimony to show just how sneaky and destructive prescription drug addiction is to an unsuspecting high school student. 

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I have had the pleasure of co-presenting with Madea and personally witnessing the impact of her programs. She is being used in a powerful way to change lives and to give people hope. Her dynamic, heart-felt, and emotionally-charged sessions are only surpassed by her powerful testimony. Her seminars and presentations are a perfect blend of testimonies, powerful messages and educational teaching on prescription drug abuse and addiction as they challenge others to deepen thoughts about their own value.
- Dr. Allan Beane, PhD, Bully Free Systems

“In a gym of 400 students, you could have heard a pin drop when she said she was the other woman!”
- Jennifer Forge, Assistant Principal, Woodford County High School, Versailles, KY

“Madea did a great job of presenting the situation as it is and breaking the stereotypes that people assume about prescription drug abuse.  I especially appreciate her message that it “takes a village…”  That is so true!  It takes all of us working together from a broad spectrum of educators, prevention agencies, law enforcement, medical community and the faith-based ministries to be effective in alleviating this problem that affects almost everyone.  Madea, your message was powerful and “right on target,” as evidenced by the standing ovation you received from some 160 participants at the state conference! Thanks so much and know that as fellow citizens, we appreciate all that you do to keep Kentucky healthy and safe!”   
- Jeanne Davis, Regional Program & Development Coordinator, UK Extension Office, Lexington, KY

“I didn’t know Kentucky was one of the highest in prescription drug abuse and addiction.  I appreciated the information Madea gave—because we need it!  The realization that prescription drug abuse can go unknown for a long time without many symptoms was an eye opener.  I never really thought about the way I view and talk about medication as having an impact on others and me.  Also it is “all about you, but never only about you” that quote is true.  Your value means a lot and every decision you make effects others.  I liked the role-playing in her student sessions because it puts you in the shoes of an addict.  I liked learning there are other ways instead of using pills as a first resort.  It hit close to home because a member in my family is currently in jail for drugs.”   
- Student participant, Owenton High School, Owenton, KY